Not All Political Advertising Is Hideous

Okay, strictly speaking, perhaps this ad isn’t truly political.  Hayley Wade is not some strident polemist but rather a student at the University of Calgary who really wants to be elected their Vice President of Student Life.  She has a well defined platform which addresses issues like making the ONEcard accessible all over campus and improving accessibility for disabled students.  A brief perusal of her Tumblr site shows her to be level headed and well intended.

Dennis Ryan, Olson, Minneapolis, Advertising, Digital

But not humorless, god love her.  This is a poster designed specifically for campus men’s rooms.  Great media buy Hayley.  If only American politics operated with such non-divisive, demographic-specific inclusiveness…

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson



In My Day, We Called Them “Bottlecaps”

Dennis Ryan, Olson, Chief Creative Officer, Advertising, Digital

“Flavor-Lock Crown”?  Really?  And by that you mean…an air-tight seal?  What makes this news?  What qualifies this as a Unique Selling Proposition™?

Look, I grew up on Vitamin B but sometimes, you gotta tell a friend when their behavior is ridiculous.  And seriously Bud, this is dopey.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

Unfortunate Adjacency: The Scourge Of Media Departments Everywhere

The musically-named Ben Pfutzenreuter, one of our talented younger writers here at Olson, enjoyed a few after work beers last week at Legends Bar & Grill.  And as one will during the course of the evening, he ventured to the men’s room.  And there on a wall, he saw these two ads mounted one above the other.  I’m sure neither advertiser would be particularly happy about it, but their dismay can’t begin to rival Brian Robert, CEO of Comcast.  Must be a hands-on leader…

Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson, Minneapolis, Advertising, Digital

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

Shelf Stable Dairy Products: Everyday Miracle or Terrifying Threat to All That Is Good and Holy?

Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson, Advertising, Digital, Minneapolis

Seriously, Half and Half?  Pulled from a box on a shelf?  How is that even remotely possible when the stuff goes bad in the fridge in less than ten days?

This doesn’t really keep me up at night but it distracted me for a good ten minutes in a meeting this week.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

Better–Or At Least More Interesting–Living Through The Wonders of Extrusion Technology

Dennis Ryan, Olson, Advertising, DigitalPerhaps someday, you’ll find yourself in this particular circumstance:

  • 1.  You’ll pull into a SuperAmerica for gas.
  • 2.  You’ll feel peckish so you’ll check out the hot dog roller.
  • 3.  Yet you really, really would prefer a cheeseburger…

That will be your lucky day.  Imagine: delicious cheeseburger-ishness rolling back in forth on a perpetual warming grill.  Innovation like THIS is why America leads the world…at least in obesity and cardiac failure.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson