Alexander Haig’s Wordbending Spirit is Alive and Well in Falls Grove

The late four star general, Chief of Staff and Secretary of State Alexander Haig was infamous for twisting the lexicon in remarkable ways, frequently wrenching nouns into verbs or adverbs.  Candidly, I always found his missteps kind of charming, though the media had a field day with it (a liberal media no doubt, long haired, arts and letters types who probably played a lot of frisbee and slept in a lot…).

Apparently his spirit still haunts the outer suburbs of his old stomping grounds on Capitol Hill. We were in town for a pitch yesterday and noticed this sign…

Dennis Ryan, Advertising, OLSON

“Spalon”?  Really?  Somehow, it was more charming when Al did it. This sounds like a cave exploring adventure gone horribly desperately wrong. Ick.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, OLSON


Joe Ryan says:

I thought Al was one of those liberal sleep-in-late types – wasn’t he educated by those radical Jesuits? You know those liberals always interpret the US Constitution incorrectly, which as I recall, he did once in quite a historic way.