Because Everyone Deserves To Get the Most Out Of Their Weekend…

I’m passing along a fantastic tip I found in this post on  Basically, it’s a very simple way to bypass the endless and annoying trailers, FBI warnings and title screens that stand between you and the start of the movie you actually intend to watch on DVD.  With this tip and your remote control, you’ll be able to get right to the good parts, saving you valuable recreational time.

Just press Stop, Stop, then Play and most DVD’s will skip right to the movie.  If you’ve tried that and it doesn’t work, try pressing Stop three times.

Check out this YouTube video from CNET for step-by-step instructions.

No, no, no–please: there’s no need to thank me.  Just knowing this may add a few more precious moments to our all-too-limited leisure hours is compensation enough for me.  You’re welcome. And Happy Friday.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

RTB says:

How did the Nobel Prize folks miss this?

Dude. With one blogpost you just changed my life.