Far More Than You’ll Ever Need To Know About The Cry Baby/Wah Wah Guitar Pedal

You know, some things just speak to you. Guitar soul music has long been one of those things for me. Which may explain why I found this video so fascinating. It is a long and not for everybody, but if you like history or guitars or even just the Shaft soundtrack, it’s fascinating. Like, really, really fascinating. ¬†Seriously.


Enjoy. And happy Friday.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, OLSON


Pianoman says:

What a terrific video article on this instrument pedal. THis article is also very
much a history lesoon for many younger players who may not be familiar with
the musicians and how they influenced music with this device. I am a keyboard
player and I used it extensively with Wurlitzer Electric Piano Model 200 and it
sounded awesome. It really fit the range of the instrument and had a killer
effect. The vidoe quit on me at about the Motown part and iIthought Bob Babbit’s young picture looked pretty good in the background. I just saw him
recently on american idol show for their Motown session. Thanks for this great posting. I wish I could see the entire video.