No Post Today–It's My Birthday

Jack Loves Birthdays      

Jack Loves Birthdays

In this age of Facebook, that means I am fortunate to have a ton of nice notes and well wishes to answer.  And no, I don’t do that mass reply ‘status update’ thing; that seems unsportsmanlike for someone who calls himself a writer.  Each note deserves a personalized reply, preferably with its own individual witticism…or attempt at witticism.

Anyway, I’ll go learn something really cool tomorrow and post then.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79
dougK says:

Hey d, i’m sure you told me this a long time ago, but when/how did you switch from Graphic design/drafting, etc. to writing?
And thanks for the personal witicism. Personal notes go a long way in this age of electronic customer service…