On The Critical Matters of Social Marketing, WOM, Digital Convergence…And Letting All of It Wait

The best thing about writing a daily weekday blog about the changing advertising business are all the new ideas you come across as you dig around for worthy topics.  And over the course of my twenty-five year career, there’s never been more remarkable things happening in the ad business.

But those can all wait for a moment.  They’ll have to.  Because today, the little redhead in the photo below, caught napping on my couch back at JWT Chicago, turns sixteen.  We’ve been helping her learn to drive and dealing with the high school things and by and large, feeling really pretty lucky that she’s turned out as sweet and compassionate and thoughtful as she has.


But bottom line, she’s sixteen today.  Man, that’s a headsnapper.  Caught up in the day-to-day of this business, you tend to forget the rest of the world doesn’t stop either.  Change is a constant indeed.

Happy Birthday Zoe.  As long as I have a couch at work, you’re welcome to crash.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

RTB says:

Happy birthday, Zoe. It’s a great birthday, and by “it” I mean November 18th. I should know. I’ve had it 28 more years than you have.

Good luck with the road test at the DMV on Elston.