Start The Week With Perfect Event Outdoor, But Hopefully, You’ve Finished Eating Your Morning Bagel.

I have yet to see Steven Soderbergh’s latest movie Contagion, but this living, growing installation in a downtown Toronto storefront perfectly captures the disquieting nature of the film’s subject.  Our agency CEO Kevin DiLorenzo shared this piece at our Monday morning status update and it was riveting.  I’m not sure Petri-Dish Outdoor will become a thriving new ad medium, but you can’t deny this is pretty engrossing (see what I did there?).


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

Dennis Ryan says:

Oh you are good Kathryn. It’s no wonder so many of your Facebook comments end up going viral (Ba + ZING!)

Kathryn Talty says:

So glad you are back at it! Your posts are infectious…not bad huh?