Something to Depress You, Then Something To Lift You Back Up

Dennis Ryan, Advertising, OlsonWe are heading into the weekend after all, so a downer note seems irresponsible. Yet there’s no good way to spin this news, aside from the ever entertainable possibility that GoDaddy is lying. Given their marketing stance these past few years, they can’t be considered above that.

The horrible news is, their shock value spot from the Super Bowl with the nauseating sound actually worked. According to their flacks, GoDaddy posted more new customers and new sales on post-Super Bowl Monday than they have in history.  Hosting sales jumped 45 percent, domains 40 percent, and new mobile customers rose by 35 percent.

Dammit, that’s depressing. If there were justice in the way Super Bowl ads performed, that little Clydesdale foal would send Bud sales surging alongside Ram Trucks and that new thirty thousand dollar Mercedes, while Bud’s new Black Crown would disappear faster than it inevitably will on its own. It’s horrible to see society reward stupidity, vapidity and worse. But it happens. Advertising works. Even badvertising does.

On a far, far happier note, click on this link. And be reminded of humanity’s ever-renewing reason for optimism. A baby laughing at her popcorn-eating dog with this much husky throated joy is transformative. I expect somebody to rip it off by next year’s broadcast.

Happy Baby, Happy Friday, Happy Weekend.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

Today’s Friday Video Awesome: Scandal!! Shock!! Yawn…

Apparently, the mainstream media didn’t get the message.  Specifically, the one about how nobody pays attention to television commercials anymore.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t waste so many column inches on the annual parade of BANNED SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS!

We haven’t even played the AFC or NFC championship yet and already, we’ve read stories about the spot for the shocking Ashley Madison website that argues “Life is short, have an affair.”  It was so scandalous, Fox banned it! Actually watching this crummy, boringly bad spot reveals it has less production value than your average bar mitzvah video.

But it’s not just sex, politics also reared its ugly, partisan head with a craptacular piece featuring an Obama bobblehead and a non-scripturally compliant Jesus doll, thrown together in a shocking ad designed to sell trash and trinkets emblazoned with inane rhetoric.  This tripe makes Mr. Bill seem like a Merchant-Ivory production.

And then there’s the banned commercial granddaddy: godaddy.  Long featuring the ‘pretty-hot-if-you-dig-hillbilly-elves’ Danica Patrick, this year they’ve lassoed celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels plus a GoDaddy Mystery babe.  Oooh, I’m crazy with anticipation.  Except I’m not.

In fairness, has actually paid for Superbowl spots in the past.  They’ve been execrable, but they aired.  The political hatchet job and the Ashley Madison spots are just cheap tricks to generate headlines–there’s no way either of those organizations would pony up three million real dollars to air their embarrassments.  This is nothing more than a tired PR ploy that pops up every January, a hackneyed effort to generate free views by a scandalized, sensationalizing media.  Which is why I won’t put in links to this crap.

I will however, post an absolutely inane video I dug up on YouTube of Boo, The Cutest Dog Ever! Comparatively, lil’ Boo is a bit of real Friday Video Awesome…



By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79