The Upside? Our New Work for Whole Foods Was Adweek’s Ad of the Day. The Downside? That’s Where AgencySpy Discovered It…

It really was a delightful surprise: Noreen O’Leary called and asked some keen questions about our new “Come Together” campaign for Whole Foods and the next day, Adweek featured it as their online “Ad of the Day.”  A rather lovely experience, all things considered.

And then we learned that AgencySpy wanted to post about it too.  AgencySpy can only be described as something akin to our industry’s intellectual brothel: a gathering place of both news and trolls. In this small industry, it helps you keep up with who has moved where and what new work you may have missed. But as an anonymous forum for invective, it can be a bruising, brutal place.

Dennis Ryan, Olson, AdvertisingSomehow, that wasn’t our experience yesterday. Oh sure, one commenter described our work as “nicely executed crap” but two others actually offered reasoned critiques around its strategy and singularity—not that I agreed with them, but still, their comments seemed more intended to debate than defame.

But my favorite was the writer who commented that “Whole foods sold me 9 month expired pasta sauce yesterday. WTF Olson?”

Wow. Indeed. WTF?


Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson