RTB says:

It “goes” to 11.

joe Ryan says:

Hauls waste,
With haste

Peter Urbain says:

Check out my new pad… (like Tom above)
Fold or bunch?
Got Dump?
Wipe with caution
Waste Alot Wipe Alot
Drop a load…
Dump Ahead
Stink Around
My Dump is Your Dump
Trailer Park Out House
A dump is a terrible thing to waste
Go big or go home

c neary says:

When a mini-dump just won’t cut it…

tom wilson says:

From the inventors of the Maxipad, comes the new Maxi-dump with leak guard.

Ron Steele says:

1] Got junk.

2] Haul your junk away.

3] If you can’t sell it on Ebay…………

4] Dump it.

The song “whip it” could be licensed for #4.

Nate De Leon says:

King Kong’s abandoned toilet.