Today’s Friday Video Awesome: The Tilt Shift Playfulness of “Bath Tub IV”

Last week, the Guggenheim Museum debuted “YouTube Play”: an exhibit of twenty-five videos curated from the all but limitless content of this video website which provides over two billion clip views each day.  Seriously: two billion views, every single day.  Try to imagine that for a moment, but understand, you can’t.

Instead, start with this little three and a half minute exercise in tilt shift charm: Keith Loutit’s finalist entry, “Bathtub IV.”

If you want more of this marvelous, miniaturizing effect, check out Keith’s Vimeo page here.  If this piqued your curiosity about the Guggenheim show, check out the other twenty-four finalists here.  And of course, as always, Happy Friday.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


Spindle says:

That was fun. Sydney, Australia?