Unrealistic Body Issues? It Just Got Worse…

Some people believe the advertising industry puts undue pressure on people, particularly younger girls, through imagery that sets unhealthy expectations of body shape.  Critics contend that continually showcasing thin waisted, large busted, endlessly legged women whose body types represent only the tiniest fraction of humanity causes everything from eating disorders to unnecessary plastic surgery.

It’s hard for me to feel particularly bad about that as we sell imagery for Harris Bank and Central DuPage Hospital, but I can see their point.  Unfortunately for them, things are only get worse as services like MovieReshape hit the video post market.  The rather dry video below explains the process behind their body-morphing technology but you only need to watch the first ten seconds to get the point.

So watch the first ten seconds to get the point.  And be afraid.  Be very, very afraid.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


Kinda makes me wonder about fois gras slider. You know?